We Have Invaded YouTube

That's right!


Our CEO has decided to put her minor in communications to use.

We have created an education reform docuseries on YouTube where individuals from all walks of life will share their educational experiences with the world.

Check out our channel here

The way we access information, the way we listen to music, and the way we order groceries will never be the same. Yet, education is still the same. We go to school Monday through Friday, we are separated by grade level, teachers teach at the front of the classroom from outdated materials and resources, students learn 8 hours a day, they go home and do 2 more hours of homework, take a test on Friday, report cards seem to judge how smart you are or aren't.....

Nothing has changed. I am sure you had some nostalgic moment even reading that paragraph no matter your age.

Some of us have experiences where we had a teacher or leader in our schools that looked like us, understood your neighborhood, and cared about each student equally. Unfortunately, many of our stories are not at all like that. Cue the Freedom Writers intro-


There is always so much talk about education reform in politics, but it's almost always involving MONEY. The future of this country is so worth so much more dialogue than just delegation of finance.

Hopefully, this docuseries will allow you all as families, law makers, doctors, and parents to see what those of us in the education field already know.

A change needs to happen like yesterday. The US is the 13th smartest country in the world and that number is slowly dwindling in the wrong direction. Thanks education reform!

Research proves that the way school is designed- is no longer working.

I'm not here to tell you what needs to happen.

I'm here to share the stories of those who have a voice, to start the conversation, to provide an alternative option.

Are you willing to allow your student to stay a part of a broken system? Or do you want to advocate, rethink, and revolutionize?

Our first video just posted today.

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