The Teacher Shortage

Updated: Jun 2

By: Damica Odom

With teacher shortages increasing drastically by the day, states like Oklahoma have called in the National Guard to stand in as substitute teachers in their classrooms.

With senseless and disgusting mass school shootings like that in Uvalde, Texas. Student and teacher trauma and anxiety are through the roof.

What Does This Mean for Kids?

Teachers are leaving classrooms by the masses. Not only are they underpaid, they are also overworked, overwhelmed, and nowadays they should be considered front line workers.

This means that there are fewer teachers available, yet the same amount of enrollment in school. For your kids, this means larger class sizes. I know it seems like the concern of COVID-19 was a lifetime ago-not really-but it’s definitely still a thing. As a parent, a class of 25 germy, twelve year olds does not sound sanitary. As a teacher, a classroom of 30 kindergartners while having a family and possibly kids to go home to, all while working over 10 hours a day, and scrambling for change to grocery shop, sounds even less appealing. Especially when a manager at Panda Express gets paid more than you! I digress…..

Fewer teachers equal larger class sizes, larger class sizes equal more disruption, more disruption equals less productive class teaching time, less productive class teaching time equals less successful students…. you following me ? If not, do a quick YouTube search for : "Why I Quit Teaching"

A teacher shortage also means less classroom management. That little kid, that is a stinker, due to whatever trauma she’s dealing with at home, gets to constantly pull the girl’s hair in front of her and whisper mean things at her all day without the teacher noticing. Bullying, violence, and suspension rates will all increase as a result.

Due to the need for teachers and fast, states are loosening requirements for even being in the classroom. Anybody with a degree can be a teacher at this point!

I don’t know about you, but I want a teacher in front of my child that is called to be a teacher, that loves children, has the patience of Job, and a heart for what they do.

This is no longer a realistic expectation.

Heaven, who has an IEP, sits in the front of class, who normally would be receiving accommodations like ten question tests instead of 20, is no longer being accommodated because she has a permanent substitute as her teacher.

Devin, who was a straight A student, has dreams of becoming a business owner, now sits in the back of the class. The other students pick on him for being smart. The teacher doesn’t have the time nor energy to address the bullying, when she does notice.

What Can I Do?

As parents, you must remember to advocate for your child(ren). This means parent teacher meetings, board meetings, and community events. If you, the person who gave birth to the child, doesn’t speak up for them, why would a complete stranger be compelled to? We have already covered this people in education should care. Yet the reality is that many people in education don’t. I recommend questioning board members, principals, and teachers about class sizes, tutoring, safety precautions, teacher training, and teaching styles. I also recommend now more than ever, supplemental education. As a parent, it is also on you to be there to educate your children. They need to be aware of social issues and injustices, financial literacy, tangible skills, and more. At Sparks’ Village Virtual Academy we understand that you are already working 40 hours a week. We understand that you are only one person. We are here to help. Whether it’s homework help, tutoring, or even figuring out homeschooling. We have flexible and affordable options for everyone.

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