Is Distance Learning Here To Stay?

By: Denny Price

Since the start of the pandemic, remote learning has become a new norm in many students' lives. Many schools across the country have created a hybrid learning model that serves students who are in the classroom as well as students who are at home. Many people are on different sides of this issue. Some say that having distance learning as an option is not good for students.They feel like distance learning is causing students to be behind and have other problems with learning. Others think that distance learning is a great option for students to have and that it helps students in many ways.

So is distance learning here to stay?

Pros of Distance Learning

Distance learning has had a lot of pros for many families. One big one being the flexibility that it gives students and their families. Parents don’t have to worry as much when their child misses school because all of their work is online. It also gives students and families the flexibility to take to school on the go. If they are a family who travels a lot they don't have to worry about their child missing class because they can simply log in from anywhere.

Another pro of distance learning is that it can help teach students responsibility and independence. In many cases distance learning requires students to do certain assignments and projects on their own. This helps them learn how to do more things on their own and let them know that they are responsible for completing their own assignments

Distance learning can also be great for students who work better in an isolated environment. It gives them the space that they need in order to thrive and learn.

Cons of Distance Learning

Even with the many pros there are a few cons to distance learning. The biggest one being that students may not be getting the same quality education that they would have if they were in person at school. Many believe that students have in person contact with their teachers to help them learn better. Another con is that it can be difficult for students to stay focused when they are learning online with all the distractions they may have at home. It is harder for teachers to try and keep students' attention like they are in a classroom.

The lack of physical contact is another con when it comes to distance learning. Students that are fully online do not get the privilege of being in the classroom physically with their teachers and other classmates. This can take a toll on students mentally.

Technology difficulties are yet another huge issue when it comes to distance learning. Technology can be unpredictable at times so a student's computer or other learning device can go out at any time due to the internet connection or other difficulties.

The Future of Distance Learning

The future of distance learning is still mostly up in the air but many school systems have adopted this model long term. Everyone's situation is different and what may work for one family may not work for the other. It is all about finding out which model works whether that is fully remote, hybrid, or full time in person.

After reading the pros and cons, do you think distance learning should be an option for students long term?

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